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Where to Buy

When are Avocados from Chile available?

Avocados from Chile enter the market just as the California season is ending. You can typically find Avocados from Chile between September and February.

Choose and Store

How can you tell if an avocado is ripe?

When ripe, Hass Avocados from Chile have a dark green pebbly skin.

If you’ve cut into an avocado that’s not yet ripe, try sprinkling the flesh with lemon or lime juice, put the two halves back together, cover tightly in a plastic wrap and stick it in the fridge until it ripens.

How can you ripen an avocado?

There are times when you purchase avocados from your retailer and you notice they’re not quite ready to eat yet. That’s because avocados don’t ripen on the tree, they ripen or “soften” after harvest. Choose avocados that feel heavy for their size. If your recently purchased avocados need a little bit of help to ripen, we recommend placing unripe avocados in a brown paper bag with a banana for approximately two days to speed things up.

Can you freeze avocados?

Sure!  The texture will be a little different from fresh, but freezing avocados is a great option if you can’t use all your fresh avocados in time.  Just cut, mash, and put in a zip-tight freezer bag.  Remove all air from the bag, date it and place in the freezer. It’s best to eat within a few months of freezing.

Food Preparation

What are some other ways to eat avocado besides making guacamole?

  • Spread or slice onto sandwiches
  • Substitute for butter or oil in your favorite baked good recipes
  • Blend into a smoothie for added nutrition