Nourishing land. Nourishing avocados.

Chile’s growing regions.

Chile is the longest country in the world. Nestled between the Andes Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, it is a narrow strip of land with more than 2,670 miles of coastline and an average width of 117 miles.

Everything about the Chilean landscape is remarkable, from the spectacular mountains of Patagonia, to the colorful homes overlooking the bay in Valparaiso, and the stunning green-turquoise waters of Laguna Verde. The country is a kaleidoscope of color and culture with a history as rich as the soil and a future that’s equally promising.


Chile’s unusually diverse geography offers excellent growing conditions, with avocados a prime and renown crop. The biggest avocado producing areas are in two fertile valleys, with their frost-free climate, and pure water from three rivers. Avocado trees are one of the few species that can be cultivated commercially on hillsides, with the advantage of growing frost-free, as the cold air moves quickly to lower altitudes. The majority of the groves planted in the last ten years have been established on hillside locations. Climatic conditions in Chile produce avocados of outstanding quality. There are approximately 71,660 acres of avocado groves under cultivation in Chile today.

Chilean people & culture.

Today, Chile has a population of over 17 million, comprised of people from many different national and ethnic backgrounds. A melting pot of people and passions has built a country with efficient transportation and communications services including a world-class seaport, airport and logistical infrastructure that easily bridge the distance that separates Chile from markets around the world. Chile has built an economy based on a responsible attitude toward work, shared goals and growing produce of exceptional quality.

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